Know Who's on Your Job Site

Be the first to know what’s happening with your subcontractors

Verify Their License

Verify a subcontractor’s license to determine eligibility for a project. Our automated system verifies a license in seconds, making it easy to know who’s on your job site.

Manage Certificates of Insurance

C-WATCH collects and stores your subcontractor’s Certificate of Insurance, W9’s and Worker’s Compensation documents, so you don’t have to.

Never Chase Down a Policy Again

Our system tracks expiration dates, so you can stop spending time chasing down COI’s once they expire and reduce liability by knowing they are compliant.

COMING SOON! Background Check Your Team

Take your team management to the next level by knowing exactly who’s on your team. Our background check system will monitor information in real-time and you’ll be the first to know if anything changes.

Change the Way You Manage Your Subcontractors

C-Watch is changing the way contractors can manage their teams. Providing a one-stop platform for all of your licensing, insurance, background verification needs to ensure you are protecting your business and those representing it.